QUEEN OF HEARTS – Jackpot @ $6,500 – Next drawing will be 7 p.m. Saturday, January 18th


January   (Annual Mangrove Trimming — Dockmaster)

January 08 Anchorettes Meeting
January 11 Change of Watch – IOBG
January 13 Board Meeting 7PM
January 15 Book Club 11:30 am
January 15 Bingo 7:30PM
January 20 General Membership Meeting 7:30PM
January 20 MLK, Jr Day (Federal Holiday)
January 21 Tuesday Game Night – Trivia (Jody Mitchell)
January 23 Gulf Soundings Article Deadline
January 25 Commodore’s Ball – IOBG


February 04 IOBG Meeting 5PM
February 04 Tuesday BINGO
February 05 Anchorettes Meeting
February 10 Board Meeting 7pm
February 12 Book Club 11:30 am
February 14 Valentine’s Dinner Dance (Friday) (Nancy Campbell, Kris Thompson, Donna Schoettle)
February 17 General Membership Meeting 7:30PM
February 19 Bingo 7:30PM
February 23 Gulf Soundings Article Deadline
February 29 Leap Year Party (Recruiting Chair)


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